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in biotechnology companies that aim to drastically improve medicine

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About Us

Boxer Capital, LLC, is a private biotechnology investment fund based in San Diego, California that invents and invests in new therapeutics across multiple indications.

Founded in 2005, we maintain a concentrated portfolio of public and private companies.

Our Values


We are committed to upholding the highest standards in honesty, loyalty, and accountability to ourselves and others.


We are passionate, creative, and disciplined in generating exceptional results.


We treat people with kindness and respect as we maintain a culture of excellence.

Investment Philosophy & Process

Through disciplined analysis, we identify investment opportunities focused on transformative medical advancements throughout the entire drug development lifecycle - from early-stage pre-clinical discovery assets to late-stage clinical and commercial stage companies.

Our expert team includes scientists and clinicians who have led research and discovery across multiple therapeutic indications. Several members of our team continue to practice medicine and have had the privilege of leading clinical development for multiple drugs that are treating patients today. This unique combination of medical expertise and investment expertise has led to a 18-year proven track record, positioning Boxer as a key player within the biotechnology and life science investment industry.

Life-Changing Medical Advancements

We invent and invest in biotechnology companies that aim drastically improve medicine, particularly for severe medical illnesses, including oncology and rare disease.


Our team of medical and investment experts conduct extensive due diligence on every deal, including scientific, clinical, and quantitative analysis.

Translating Innovation into Opportunity

By marrying the fundamentals of a company with "big picture" thinking of the industry and sub-sectors, we translate inefficiencies in the biotechnology industry into investment opportunities.